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Uttarakhand Music


Garhwali Songs

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Kainthe Khojyani Holi nice song from negiji

Time: 7.17 mins | Play Video
Teri Jamidari
nice song from negiji

Time: 5.58 mins | Play Video
Jo Jash Deyi
jo jush deyi

Time: 7.45 mins | Play Video
Rock n Roll
Rock n Roll. Garhwali disco song by Negi ji

Time: 6.67 mins | Play Video
Bakra Harchi Gyani Mera
nageji the great

Time: 7.35 mins | Play Video
Neela Kholu Ma
nice song

Time: 8.15 mins | Play Video

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Surma Syaali - Garhwali Song

Kai Gaun Ki Holi Si Band Garhwali So

Nayu Nayu Byou Cha

Hansde Mukhedi

Garhwali Jagar

Garhwali Song Rukma

Bhauji ko Sabala

Guthyari ko Keech

Meri Bhanula

Aankhyu Ma Ritani

Chitthi ka Aankhar

Neela Kholu Ma

Jai Durge Bavani Garhwali Bhajan

Bandu Ma Ki Bandh Cha Tu

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